Our Commitment

Our Commitment

We believe in knowledge, transparency and ethical behaviour. 
We are the first restaurant in South Australia to be accredited by the GoodFish
We source our fish from Fair Fish SA, Sustainable NZ Ora King Salmon, Small Scale fishers and Producers. All of our fish is hand filleted and treated with respect from the water to the plate.
It’s not only about what we buy, but also what we won’t buy.

If food waste was a country it would be the third biggest emitter of green house gasses after the USA and China. We believe food and water is our most precious and limited resource. We embed this belief into our business everyday.
We challenge, question, seek truth and transparency.

That is the Angler Difference

Meet Our Heroes

Mike Fooks:

Kangaroo Island fisher for King George Whiting, Snook, Yellow Eye Sea Mullet and Australian Herring

Kyri Toumazos:

Southern Rock Lobster – Kangaroo Island

Glen and Tracy Hill:

Coorong Wild Seafood
Coorong Mullet, Mulloway and European Carp

Bart Butson:

Fisher in Gulf of St Vincent for Southern Garfish, Australian Herring, Snook, Southern Calamari and Australian Salmon.